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New Patient Reviews

  • I will recommend services to other people that I know.

    - Sidalia C.
  • Great service!

    - Shawn P.
  • I am not the one who gets very comfortable with any doctor and during my first visit I always have million questions. Doctor Siskin and Mrs. Casperson, the office manager, are so great. Doctor Siskin gave a lots of information and took the time to explain every single information in detail. At the end of my first visit I was confident I was in great hands to fix my problems. Thank you Dr. Siskin.

    - Umit D.
  • Amazing people and staff. Dr. Siskin is super intelligent, not only with chiropractic but with any questions you want to ask him. Good energy in the building, Family-friendly environment.

    - Kyle L.
  • Dr. Siskin spent a lot of time with me and answered my questions. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to commit to treatment.

    - Aileen Z.
  • Very accommodating since I came with my baby and they were friendly and helpful. I’m very excited for this new journey my life.

    - Eve P.
  • WONDERFUL SERVICE. Truly cares about his patients.

    - Jensine W.
  • Thank you for your thorough explanations.

    - Elise O.
  • Great environment to be in, you will never leave disappointed!

    - Kenny L.
  • Very happy to have found you!

    - Allison P.
  • Dr.Len and his team demonstrate great knowledge and passion for their craft.

    - Kelley A.
  • Great Dr. and staff.

    - Poleth E.
  • Dr. Siskin was very interested in my well being and gives very detailed information on how to work through issues. He is very sincere and thoughtful with a funny sense of humor.

    - Jill M.
  • Great staff and they do a great job of keeping you informed of all steps.

    - Glendy M.

This Practice Combines the Best of All Chiropractors I’ve Been

Over the years I’ve been to a number of chiropractors who used a variety of techniques and all were somewhat helpful, but Dr. Siskin has a practice that seems to combine the best of all of them. In a time when so many doctors rush through each appointment, he spends an incredible amount of time explaining what your X-rays mean, and how he works with you and gives meaning to every aspect of his process. I feel fortunate to have found him; it’s worth the 35-minute drive to be in his care.

~Michael W.

Innovative Style

Dr Siskin has a very innovative style that is not seen at most chiropractic offices. It is unique, helpful, and most importantly effective. All the staff is very kind and you can tell they truly care about the well being of their patients. Would highly recommend!

~Andrew D.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr Siskin is very knowledgeable. He analyzes the structure very well. He is confident and very helpful in making us understand the situation. He gives enough time to the patient. The staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend him.

~Satya R.

Exceeded My Expectations

When making my appointment, I had very high expectations but those have been completely exceeded. I have seen many other chiropractors but none like this experience.

~Georgina S.

Honest & Genuine

Doctor Siskin is awesome. He is an analytical thinker and have clearly communicated all the issue I had along with treatment options. Very honest and genuine practice. I strongly recommend.

~Rani K.

Special & Unique

Dr. Siskin appears to take great interest in making each individual feel their case is special and unique, by taking as long as needed to explain fully the data that is specific to each case.

~Dorothy D.

Siskin Family Chiropractic is amazing!

Dr. Siskin is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and skilled. He took (and continues to take) lots of time to carefully analyze all aspects of my body, spine, posture, symptoms, etc. (the report he compiled was incredibly comprehensive and informative!). Also, he explains everything in detail at every step along the way, patiently answering any questions one may have. Moreover, he doesn’t just skim the surface, he goes very deep into your personal and unique situation in order to get to the core of the problem, and then lays out a plan to correct it. The level of personal care and energy he delivers is exceptional, and his well trained provide excellent service as well. I would highly recommend SiskinFamilyChiropractic to anyone!

~Herb M.


My experience was fantastic! Dr. Siskin goes above and beyond to explain what is happening with your body and his plans to fix it before medication or surgery (in my case) could become necessary. He obviously cares deeply about helping people to be and feel their best! Dr. Siskin is very compassionate and intelligent! His staff is also very friendly and willing to help! One thing I would change is the set up for adjustments. I prefer privacy over an open room- even though his practice has the feeling of a big family!


Felt Comfortable Right Away

After my assessment, I’m intrigued. Im not a fan of doctors of any type but Dr. Siskin made me feel comfortable right away. And really explained things so I could understand it. I look forward to working with him in the future .


Very Pleased

I was very pleased with explicit detail I received. I was not rushed and Dr. S took the time and care to address all my concerns and ensure I understood his answers. I was very impressed with honesty and willingness to research supplements I am taking that he was not aware of. Honesty is important to me. I would rather hear “I’m not familiar, I’ll resesrch it and we’ll talk later” than some stab in the dark answer that could be wrong. Nina was so accommodating with working around my crazy schedule. Thank you for your time and patience.


Very Impressed

Very impressed with the technology used to asses patients. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Siskin is very knowledgeable and is able to explain technical things in an easy to understand way. You can tell he and his staff all care about their patients. Even though working towards better health can sometimes be strenuous, I always look forward to visiting the office!


Very Sincere

Very thorough experience, Dr. Siskin was very sincere and always thought about my well being with all helpful tips that can be provided. Office was very professional and works with you 100% from Nina, Dr. Siskin, and Estrella to ensure comfort. Thank you for the wonderful tips and the great massage!


Absolutely Great

Absolutely great first experience, Dr. Siskin makes it a point. I really understand my body. Entire staff is amazing. Would recommend.


Wellness Of The Clients

All of the staff seemed to be concerned with the wellness of the clients. The other patients seemed to interact well with the staff that were providing treatments. My initial assessment was very thorough and multifaceted. I am very hopeful that my current medical issue can be resolved by the doctor. I am looking forward to my next visit for treatment.


Dr. Siskin Listens

Dr. Siskin takes the time to listen, I mean listen with true concern, and responds with thoughtful, insightful and understandable responses to what sometimes can be very tricky individual issues specific to that person. No false promises, yet straightforward and helpful insight into a wellness plan that can ultimately effect real results for folks with very real issues affecting their quality of life as well as their state of mind and being.