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BStrong4Life® at Siskin Family Chiropractic

BStrong4Life® utilizes several specialized exercise machines based on the concept of minimum effective dose. We call it fitness in fifteen minutes.

Woman stretching on the pavement

Custom Exercises

There is no need to change out of your street clothes and our patients do not need to shower immediately after leaving the office. These specialized exercises are custom designed for each individual based on a computerized posture assessment and often standing X-rays assessed in sophisticated engineering-based software.

The goal is to support bone mineral density to protect or strengthen weak bones, increase core strength and endurance, improve posture, reduce fall risk, and increase general strength and energy. This can all be accomplished through a vision to make staying in shape fun, exciting, entertaining, and exhilarating.

All of this is designed to Help You Experience Better Health and Live Your Life to the Fullest!!! This program has been shown effective in people ranging in age from teens to seniors in their 90s.

BStrong4Life® Green Brook, Piscataway, Middlesex and Bridgewater NJ | (732) 752-6606