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Occupational Therapy at Siskin Family Chiropractic

Occupational therapy is a specialized form of healthcare that helps individuals with physical, cognitive, and mental health conditions to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Woman in physical therapy

Overcoming Barriers

The focus of occupational therapy is to help clients overcome their limitations using a client-centered approach. The goal is to help clients regain the ability to participate in daily activities that are important to them.

Occupational therapy practitioners work with clients of all ages – from newborns to seniors – in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, and even in clients’ homes. These practitioners use a variety of techniques, such as exercise, cognitive retraining, and assistive devices, to help their clients regain or improve their functioning.

One of the key tenets of occupational therapy is that every person is unique, and interventions are tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual. For example, an occupational therapist might work with an adult who has suffered a stroke by focusing on activities of daily living, like dressing and grooming, to help them regain independence. With children, occupational therapy might focus on play-based interventions to help improve their fine motor skills or social skills.

Overall, occupational therapy is a critical service that enables individuals to overcome the physical and mental barriers that prevent them from leading fulfilling lives. If you or a loved one is struggling with a condition that limits their functioning, consider consulting with an occupational therapist to determine if this service can help.

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