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Healthy Eating in Hard Times

Like many of you, I noticed when I went to the store there was no toilet paper and the shelves were mostly barren. It was not surprising to me there seemed to be no shortage of cabbage, kale and Brussel sprouts. While I am one of those people who do not like the cooked flavor of Brussel Sprouts (unless they are very caramelized and nearly burnt), I do enjoy them shredded and raw in salad where they have a neutral flavor.

In 2013 I started listening to audio books about the health power of eating vegetables. While this addresses a different dimension of health from the spinal structure issues I focus on in the office, it became clear over time I should make a goal of at least 60-80 percent of my intake of food being non-starchy vegetables. Over time I evolved to eating a dinner of salad slaw consisting of shredded kale, Brussel sprouts, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, pecans, avocado, olive oil, rice vinegar, and just a little blue cheese and less than ¼ cup of craisins (the unhealthy part). My good friend, Dwight DeGeorge originally taught me how to make a version of this salad which has transformed over the years into my most typical dinner.

As it turns out, the bacteria normal to our digestive system can digest the fibrous or woody parts of vegetables that our own digestive system can not digest. Consequently, these essential bugs produce essential chemicals for immune and brain function among other beneficial things.

A host of medical specialist authors such as Steven Gundry, MD, Michael Greger, MD, Giulia Enders, MD, David Perlmutter, MD, and Dietert Rodney, Ph.D. have shaped my ideas about food and have caused a shift in the way I think about food.

Since many of us find ourselves eating out less and staying home considerably more, I thought this might be a good time to introduce something new, healthy and cost effective. I have provided a link here to download a .PDF file showing how I make my dinner slaw. I hope if nothing else it inspires and entertains you to eat more vegetables.

Here’s the link to download the file:

In the meantime, our office remains open by appointment only and we are only allowing up to three patients at a time in the main treatment area. We are cleaning and practicing safe distancing when possible and opting to have patients do more at home (like icing when appropriate). For patients who require care and have higher levels of risk, we can arrange for that person to meet with me in the office when no other patients are present.

Have peace and be safe in these challenging times.


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