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Green Brook Chiropractor : Dr. Leonard Siskin

My friends and family thought I was crazy when I opted for a chiropractic education, just weeks before leaving for medical school…

Dr. Len Siskin

Dr. Len Siskin

Before my chiropractic education began I worked in hospitals both as a social worker and as a volunteer. I wanted to go into healthcare to help people and teach people about their health while being conservative about medications and surgery. As a social worker, medical residents came to me with their problems on a regular basis and I quickly learned the political dance between hospital administrators, attorneys, pharmaceutical companies, the old doctors and the new doctors. I quickly realized if I were to practice in that system I would have to conform to the system but I wanted to treat people as individuals. I wanted to be the one to focus on getting people healthy one at a time by helping them learn about how to fix their bodies and then prevent the health problems if possible without the drugs. Currently our patients are able to take fewer medications and many patients who were told they needed surgery found it was never necessary after working in our office. Read More >>

After five years of college and post-college coursework in central New York (much of which was spent in a neuroscience laboratory), I moved back to NJ and worked as a social worker. Several weeks before leaving for medical school I completely changed my direction and moved to Atlanta Georgia to attend Life University Chiropractic School. At the time, Life University was the largest chiropractic college in the world with the reputation for turning out chiropractors with the best hands-on skills while affording their students a first rate chiropractic education. With my science background, I quickly gravitated to Chiropractic Biophysics, which uses physics and engineering principles and applies them to the body so it can heal more efficiently and function better. My instructor, Dr. Harrison had left his clinical practice after decades to receive his Ph.D. in mathematics and masters in mechanical engineering so he could have great credentials to conduct chiropractic research in medical and chiropractic journals. I found the frontier of modern healthcare centering on naturally engineering a healthier and stronger body. Dr. Harrison opened my eyes to the great possibility I have for helping people. Before I knew it, I was teaching extracurricular academic clubs and continuing education seminars based on Dr. Harrison’s work while publishing with Dr. Harrison in chiropractic and medical publications.

Our Practice Goals

Our practice is goal oriented and patient specific. We serve our patients by teaching them what is possible in our office and then asking for their goals so we can help meet them. We are proud to provide a great service with low wait times and flexible appointment scheduling. Our patient goals are based on allowing maximal healing and relief so people can resume the activities they enjoy without restriction or reservation. We believe comfort is as important as the health it takes to be comfortable and that drugs tend to be over-used and relied on for problems that can improve or even sometimes be fixed through some diligent work.

On a personal note..

I am lucky to be newly wed and expecting a child with my wife Rebecca! Rebecca was not a patient but was bartering massage with the massage therapist in our office. I met her one day several years ago in the office parking lot to find out who she was. I kept seeing her walking through the office and I didn’t know her at the time so I had to introduce myself. We went out for dinner and have been together ever since. Rebecca and I are both computer nerds who like to create databases of information. While we both love computers and electronic gadgets, she loves scrabble, books, crossword puzzles and Disney. I love fishing, hiking, camping and am in the process of teaching some of these things to her. We both love to travel and often go together to seminars where I help teach all over the place. As far as food… usually I cook and she cleans up. Great food is one of our biggest challenges because we both love it! We have lived all over the country but also grew up in NJ and needed to be here at home to live our lives together. Read More >>

Personally, I receive a chiropractic adjustment either once a week or every other week. Part of my professional responsibility is to make sure I am in shape enough to work well for my patients and to set a good example. I do not get sick very often and have not felt the need to take an antibiotic since the late 1980’s. I have not taken any painkillers (like Advil or Tylenol) since the early 1990’s. Exercise is important and I work out on a regular basis and when I can I get on my mountain bike, take hikes and swim in the ocean. When considering taking drugs I strongly advocate learning about the drug and asking questions about its’ necessity and side effects. I would never take a medication I didn’t read about first and ask questions about. I believe our health is what allows us to experience life and think it is a crime to allow it to diminish.

Enough about me! You are welcome in our office and I hope you give me the opportunity to meet you in person so I can listen and discuss your specific health challenge. Call me or Click here to email me your questions!

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